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5 Confidence Boosting Tips You Cannot Live Without

We all want to feel better about ourselves and building lasting self-confidence is a great way to do that.


First and foremost you must understand that you already have all the confidence that you need to succeed and feel better each day.

I am here to help you unlock that confidence and use it in ways to make you feel better each day, build strong relationships and a future where you will keep thriving.

There are many things that go into unlocking your confidence.

In this confidence boosting blog post we will discuss how you can integrate the tips below into your daily routine so you can start feeling better about yourself, today!


Pro Tip 1:

One of the most important things you can do to feel more confident is to focus on your strengths.

Everyone has different strengths, so it’s important to figure out what yours are and focus on them.

You can do this by thinking about the things that make you happy and the you excel in.

This could be anything from your academics/ qualifications to your hobbies or social skills. It literally can be anything you enjoy and make you feel good about yourself.

Once you know what your strengths are, make a list of them and refer to it often. This will help remind you that you’re capable of accomplishing great things.


Pro Tip 2:

In order to feel more confident, it’s important to practice positive thinking.

When something bad happens, try not to dwell on it.

This can feel hard at the time and it is fine to feel upset about a situation. It is normal to have a reaction to a situation or experience that you did not like. This positive action is ALL about not allowing yourself to spiral downwards. 

It is much harder to pull yourself out of a spiral 🌀 than to stop yourself going down there in the first place.

Our thoughts create our feelings, meaning that if you think differently then you will feel differently.

Pro Tip 3:

Now, think about a Balancing Thought, this should be something that helps you to feel more positive about yourself in a situation. If it doesn’t have that effect, then try to create a different one! Your Balancing Thought should be reasonable. 

Drop me an email stating “positive” for your Balancing Thoughts exercise to help reprogram your thinking for life!

This exercise is not about pretending you’re something you’re not, it’s about modifying the extent of your negative perception of yourself in a realistic way, and creating balance and proportion in your evaluation of yourself and your actions.

When you think more positively, you feel more confident.


Pro Tip 4:

It’s also important to have a good mindset when it comes to building confidence.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Think that you can do anything you set your mind to.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either.

You can begin to change your internal thoughts through affirmations. 


Affirmations are defined as positive statements that you say to yourself in order to build your self-confidence and inner strength.

This supports your thinking and this is reflected in your actions. To hear someone (even yourself) say something positive about you every day makes you feel good, makes you smile and will boost your confidence.


The most effective affirmations are said with full intensity and conviction., just like you were saying them when it has come true.

Think about how you would feel, what you would think 💭 and how you would present yourself if these statements had already come true.

Would this be different to how you say them right now?

For example; “I am a confident person and believe in my abilities”. 

At the beginning you may not believe in what you are saying, this is normal. Do not worry, this is an exercise to do over time. 

Over time your belief will change, you will feel better about yourself and what you want to achieve in your life. 

♾️ Write down your honest opinions about yourself.

♾️ Now change these into affirmations

♾️ Say these affirmations to yourself out loud in the mirror 



  • Start with either three goals about the same subject or one goal about different parts of your life
  • Write your goals down as if you have already achieved them

For example:

“I am confident in myself and my abilities.”

“I can do anything I set my mind to.”

“I accept myself for who I am.”

“My confidence is growing every day.”

“I deserve to find my person and be happy.”


Pro Tip 5: Be Consistent

If you only do things sporadically, it will be difficult to see any changes in your confidence level.


♾️ Make a plan and stick to it.

♾️ Dedicate time each day or week to working on your confidence.

♾️ Have the right mindset

♾️ Use your daily affirmations

♾️ Use positive thinking techniques - balancing thoughts worksheet

♾️ Be patient with yourself – Learning new skills takes time.

You have created your current thoughts over many years and through many different experiences. Do not be surprised if it takes longer than you think. Give yourself this time.

I guarantee you it will become easier to build lasting confidence the more you work on your mindset and you are consistent with working on yourself.

Start building self-confidence today by following these tips. You’ll be feeling better about yourself in no time!

Feel free to get in contact, book a free consultation for further support for you to feel better everyday. 

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